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Bitcoin consumes roughly 130 TWh of energy a year. Even Elon Musk has changed his mind. 

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Hedge funds raid on CO2 emission rights pumped up its prices by more than 260% in the last twelve months.


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Prices for pollution allowances surged more than 260% in the last twelve months in anticipation of tighter emission standards.

it’s unusual to find an asset class where almost every trader and analyst active in the sector agrees the price is set to rise. But that is the case in Europe’s carbon market, where analysts are projecting the price could more than double in the coming years, as reported by the FT.

Bitcoin flash crash of 40% and investors' flight from the energy-intensive cryptocurrency

Environmental costs rise in lockstep with bitcoin prices, which have nearly doubled since the start of the year. The higher the price, the more demand for mining to release new coins into circulation. The more coins are mined, the more complex the proof-of-work algorithm required to add blocks to the bitcoin blockchain. This, in turn, requires more processing power.


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